School of Psychology Staff Notices

Share and Inspire Session: Peer Mentoring

Share and Inspire Session: Using Peer Mentoring to Promote Engagement and Support Attainment and Retention
11th February, 12:15 – 14:15
CC 009

Laura Rees-Davies

Peer mentoring has been implemented across the world as an intervention for areas such as student satisfaction, retention, academic achievement and employability skills development.

Dr Laura Rees-Davies at the School of Psychology has created a UoW approach to peer mentoring and it has been delivered successfully for three years. The approach is evidence-based, combining peer reviewed research evidence with purposive data sampling and analysis from students at our university.

Evaluation of the peer mentoring pilot intervention from previous years reveals that peer mentoring contributes to a sense of working in partnership with students, as well as increasing retention, employability skills and developing a sense of community. Indeed, the current WiP approach proposed by the university includes peer mentoring as a potential intervention.

Therefore, Dr Rees-Davies will share her full guide to peer mentoring so that staff leave feeling prepared and supported to include peer mentoring in their School/College.

You can sign up for this session on the staff development page, lunch will be provided,

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