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School of Humanities Research Seminar Series

The School of Humanities is running a Research Seminar Series this semester.

Sessions will be held on Wednesdays, between 6pm – 7.30pm at The Hive and all are welcome.  There is a 40 minute paper and then a Q and A discussion session.

Sessions are as follows:

12 February
Dr Whitney Standlee (Worcester)
‘In the Spirit of Atalanta: A Female Editor, Her Girl Readers, and the Development of the Short Story’.
Room 2

19 February
Professor Rajinder Dudrah (
Birmingham City)
‘My Koffee with Karan Johar: Examining an Indian cinema chat show and thinking about E-Bollywood’.
Room 2

4 March
Professor John Parham
‘Sound and Silence: Punk and the Anthropocene’.
Room 4

11 March
Dr Jack McGowan, Dr Lucy Arnold, Dr David Arnold, Ruth Stacey
Poetry Round Table.
Room 4

18 March
Katy Wareham Morris
‘Critical-Creative, Eco-Queer, Digital Writing: Multiple Hybridity in Research and Practice’.
Room 4

25 March
Dr Niall Carson
‘The Fourth Bell: W.B. Yeats and the Irish Academy of Letters’.
Room 4

22 April
Dr Oliver Walton
(Royal Archives)
‘Worcester Source(s)? Exploring the potential of the Georgian Papers in the Royal Archives’
Professor Suzanne Schwarz (Worcester)
‘Royal Attitudes to the Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries’.
Glass Room (Basement)

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