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School of Science and the Environment Research Seminar Series: Fatty Acids in Health and Disease

The School of Science and the Environment runs a seminar programme throughout the semester.  These sessions are open to anyone who is interested across the University.

They are timetabled for an hour and the usual format is a talk of 40 minutes or so with some time for questions afterwards.

The seminar programme is as follows:

Fatty acids in health and disease: 3 Seminars

Tuesday March 10th  1.15  EE2021

The change in fat composition at menopause and the effects of HRT

Dr. Allain Bueno  (UW)

Tuesday March 17th  1.15  EE2021

Effect of Ginkgo biloba extract on adipose tissue lipid profiles in obese rats fed a lard-rich diet

Ellen Joyce  (UW)

Tuesday March 24th  1.15  EE1104

Relationship between social media exposure, nutritional status and buccal cell fatty acid profile in school children

Samantha Paskin  (UW)

Thursday March 26thth 1.15  EE2009

Natural Flood Management: an ecosystem service or potential disservice?

Dr. Megan Klaar  (University of Leeds)

Tuesday April 21st 1.15  EE2021

Game of Drones 2: Using UAVs for monitoring earth, wind water and fire snow

Prof. Ian Maddock and Josie Lynch  (UW)

SSE Seminars 2019-20 sem 2-1

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