Fundraising Staff Notices

SmileForJoel Fundraising Skydive

On July 4, Rebecca Foster, Principal Lecturer in the University’s School of Sport and Exercise Science, has volunteered to a do skydive to raise funds for the SmileForJoel charity.

This is a charity very close to the University’s heart and was last year’s Charity of the Year.  SmileForJoel was founded by Suzy Richards, who lost her son Joel Richards, a PE and Sports Coaching student at the University, her brother and father in the terrorist attack in Tunisia in June 2015.  Her youngest son Owen was the sole survivor in the family and is now a student at the University.

On the 5th anniversary year of losing 38 loved ones in Tunisia, friends and family are taking a 10,000 ft free fall skydive challenge in memory of those that never came home.

SmileForJoel has grown from strength to strength and provides support to shattered or broken families who are victims of traumatic bereavement through homicide. To do the jump Rebecca needs to raise £1,000.

Rebecca says: “Any donation large or small would be welcome, even if you donated the price of your daily coffee would help.  This charity does a lot of good when people are in their darkest moments, so help us make a difference by sponsoring me if you can.  Thanks so much.”

To donate you can visit:

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