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British Science Week

British Science Week

Events 9th, 10th 11th March 2020

An exciting and explosive mix of events for British Science Week is planned by the University and The Hive.

This year the University of Worcester and The Hive are working with The Royal Institution, The British Science Association, University Lecturers, Worcestershire County Council and of course the public.

  1. Monday 9th March –Sunday 16th Self guided trail, free. Level 1. The Hive.

The BBC Science Focus Discovery Trail leads children and adults on a journey of discovery of scientific facts, information and a few crazy facts.

  1. Monday 9th March 4:30-5:30pm

The Royal Institution (Ri)  ‘Continuing Professional Development’ event to enthuse Primary School Teachers and student teachers with simple yet exciting, informative, experiments to recreate school classrooms.

Ri demonstrate how teachers can bring the ideas of Play, Look and Ask into their classroom. Focusing on presentation tips, investigation of ideas and interactive demonstrations, this session aims to get any teacher not just confident, but excited about bringing science to life in the classroom.

Suitable for primary school teachers

Tickets £3 – book tickets via The Hive What’s On

Science Week March 9th

  1. Monday 9th March 6:00-7:00pm

Screening of ‘Pandemic’ an interactive film by Worcester University lecturer, John Bradburn.

Pandemic follows the story of Dr. Moritz as she negotiates the spread of a pandemic resulting in mass heart failure.

Along the way she has to make some difficult moral decisions in creating a hybrid creature to provide donor organs.

Or, to be more precise, you will have to make some difficult decisions!

For more information visit:

For tickets visit The Hive What’s On

  1. Tuesday 10th March 4:15-5:15pm, The Thive

Family Science Event ‘Revealing Finger Prints’.

You’ll learn how every person’s fingerprints are different and how they can be used to identify people, in particular those who have left fingerprints behind at a crime scene.

For more information or tickets visit The Hive What’s On

 Tuesday 10th March 5:30-6:45pm

‘Bringing Science to Life’ the Royal Institution Family Show.

A fun and energetic event where you’ll be amazed with surprising experiments, shocking science facts and some big demonstrations, with versions that families can do at home. Specifically designed with a broad audience in mind this show is an ideal introduction to science for all the family.

Science Week March 10th

Over 1000 children are already booked to attend school events throughout the week and they’ll also have to opportunity to explore and extend their knowledge by entering the 7mt inflatable Earth Dome at The Hive.

For more information and tickets visit The Hive What’s On

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