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Course Design/Mapping Learning Outcomes workshop

An event was held on 7th January which was well attended and concentrated on matters relating to course design and mapping learning outcomes; the session is being repeated the session on Mon 30th March 2020.  The first event was by targetted invitation, and we should now like to offer this as a development opportunity.

There are greater external demands on HE to more effectively manage standards – both in terms of narrowing attainment gaps and in terms of ensuring the value of degrees over time, and also to assure the academic quality of awards in terms of student experience and satisfaction and outcomes, including employment outcomes.  This starts with course level learning outcomes, assessment strategy, and setting of standards, and engagement of the whole course team around these to ensure alignment with modules.

The session will cover:

  • Formulating course level learning outcomes
  • Mapping learning outcomes to modules
  • Designing an assessment and feedback strategy
  • Ensuring learning outcomes are aligned with assessment and assessment is aligned with learning outcomes at course and module levels

As a result of this workshop you will gain an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of effective course design and gain confidence in supporting your School and colleagues to design high quality courses which are clearly articulated in terms of learning outcomes, have a stretching, challenging and coherent assessment strategy, and in which the modules clearly and effectively contribute to the overall student outcomes.  This should result in fewer postponements of approval meetings, fewer actions related to documentation, and fewer problems in launching a course. Matters regarding assessment and mapping of learning outcomes to modules etc are fundamental to good course design and which in turn are crucial to student success.


Please sign up via the staff development webpages.

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