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Research Seminar: Understanding Perinatal Mental Healthcare Referral Decisions

College of Health, Life and Environmental Sciences Research Seminar Series:

Understanding Perinatal Mental Healthcare Referral Decisions Among Midwives and Health Visitors

18 March 2020, 1pm – 2pm, BY1148

Joanne Johnson, PhD student, School of Allied Health and Community


Mental illness during the perinatal period is the most common health problem. Despite its prevalence, mental illness during this time is under detected and under treated. Women have unprecedented contact with health professionals during the perinatal period (which includes contact with midwives and health visitors). In her research, Jo explored the barriers and facilitators experienced by midwives and health visitors when deciding to refer women to specialist perinatal mental health services. A mixed methods approach was used which involved qualitative semi-structured interviews with a sample of midwives and health visitors and a quantitative questionnaire distributed to the wider population of midwives and health visitors.


This seminar will be of interest to academics in healthcare, particularly midwives and to individuals interested in mixed methods research. It may also appeal to those interested in conducting research in organisations such as the NHS.

All welcome, if possible please confirm attendance to

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