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Share and Inspire Session: Assessment as Learning

Share and Inspire Session: Assessment as Learning
23rd March 2020, 12:30 – 14:00, EE 2009

Sean Bracken, Lesley Spiers & Alison Reeves

This session will take examples from the School of Arts, Education and Humanities as a way of sharing good practice and stimulating discussion around assessment as learning. Assessment as Learning aims to challenge some traditional perspectives of the assessment process to place the focus on LEARNING. As shared by Robinson & Aronica (2016).

“When it comes to assessment, the traditional model of assessment is assessment for learning. What people like to talk about now is that the twenty-first century model is Assessment of Learning. But if assessment is merely the way we are able to determine how much learning has occurred, then the ultimate goal is Assessment as Learning, where assessment occurs in real time and is the process by which people reflect on their own thinking and diagnose how they’ve changed!

With this in mind, we need to explore what this means for us in practice. For example, what does Assessment AS Learning look like? How does formative assessment fit into this?

During this session we will share practical examples of what Assessment AS Learning looks like in the learning space and discuss how it might be applied in the context of your teaching and learning.

You can sign up for this session on the staff development page and lunch will be included.

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