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Students’ Union election results

The Students’ Union Leadership Elections a few weeks ago saw a total of nine candidates standing for the positions of Students’ Union President, Vice President Education, and Vice President Student Activities.

All candidates and their supporters campaigned tirelessly throughout the week, attending our two Question Time events, taking over the Students’ Union social media channels, and spending their days on campus engaging with students.

Through their campaigning, and the hard work of SU staff, we saw over 1600 students casting their vote!

The elections culminated in our Results Night. This was a chance for us to celebrate all of the candidates and say a big thank you to everyone who made the elections such a fantastic experience for everyone involved. And most important was the announcement of the winners!

We’re delighted to confirm the winners of the 2020 Leadership Elections, and the new Officer team for 2020-21 are;

President – Meg Price

Vice President Education – Harry South

Vice President Student Activities – Tish Manning

su election

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