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How to promote a positive working environment in lockdown

Laura Simmons, Lecturer in Psychology, give her tips on promoting a positive working environment at home during the lockdown:

You might be slowly settling into remote working and finding a new balance between your home and work life. You may have noticed that the stress you experience is different, and you may not be able to cope with these in the usual way. Some of us may also be finding that it’s difficult to separate our home and working lives from one another. Here are some tips that may help:

Focus on your daily achievements rather than what you need to do

For example, had a meeting with colleagues, had tutorials with students, did the washing up. This will really help you see that every day you achieve something, even though it might not feel like it at times

Try new ways of coping

For example, you could try meditation or yoga, and could get the whole family involved. You could also look at sites that offer free mindfulness sessions, such as Headspace

Separate your work and home life

Make distinctions between the time you’re spending at home and work by setting specific working hours or blocks of time. Use objects to associate surroundings with work, for example, try and recreate your office space at home. Include a plant, pen pot and your favourite mug.

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