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Weekly Support Sessions for University’s IMPACT Group

During the lockdown, Dr Peter Unwin, from the School of Allied Health and Community, has been conducting weekly support sessions with members of the University’s user and carer group, IMPACT. There are 40 members of IMPACT, all with backgrounds of lived experiences of health and social care services, who complement teaching at the University via involvement in classroom delivery, being part of panels /role-plays and in marking student work. They are also part of curriculum design and validation processes.

During the sessions, members have been sharing the way they are coping with lockdown. One member, Claire (known as ‘The Poet with Passion’ has been writing a lot , including the poem ’Safe’ which was recently published in the Worcester News, and we are sharing with you here:


Two metres away

We must obey

Just to stay



Don’t shake hands

Cancel social plans

Across the land



We must isolate

Try to meditate

It feels great



Silence all around

Barely human sound

Beating heart pound



Sunshine spring sky

Birds tweeting nearby

I’m gonna cry



Time is endless

Anxiety so effortless

Living such stress



The phone rings

Your voice brings

Secure, warm feelings


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