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Tips for Exercise – Suggestions from Dr Julia West

Dr Julia West, Senior lecturer Sport and Exercise Science, shared some of her go to workouts and apps.  She uses a combination of different ones daily but these are some of her go to ones:

Youtube subscriptions:

theWKOUT – uses combination of fairly heavy weighted and cardio moves (free to use on Youtube or through facebook, can subscribe to a daily personal trainer series of workouts).

Heather Robertson – range of weights, bodyweight, cardio and core (she doesn’t talk much through the videos)

Sydney Cummings – range of weights, bodyweight, cardio, core and bootcamps (she does encourage you in the videos for those days you need someone there!)

HASfit – combination of weights, bodyweight, cardio and core (husband and wife team shows both advanced and reduced impact moves – some videos are deceptively tough)

Yoga with Adrienne – a range of different exercises and moves to help with cool down or after a particularly stressful day.



Crossrope – free app, once downloaded click on the challenge tab and join the many free daily challenges. Range from 10-30 minutes of skipping rope jumps and moves.

Strava – free version, tracks your runs, walks and bike rides. Syncs more specific training data with a range of GPS watches/straps etc. Can join different running and biking challenges each month (RED [run evey day]; how far can you run/ride; run a 5/10k in this month; how high can you climb – accumulates your run/bike elevation on your routes for the month)

Tabata timer – free app. Really useful timer for creating your own interval workout sessions, I also use this during a run to help with speed/cadence etc.


Web sites.

Girls run the world – GRTW, a series of daily running challenges (focus on cadence, focus on arm drive etc. runs from 10-60 minutes/ can also be found on facebook). – an excellent range of yoga sessions, join the daily challenges to work on tight spots or just for relaxation.

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