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Approach to the June Open Day

With social distancing, travel restrictions and other complications to consider, we will need to offer a virtual June Open Day. We will aim for the event to be informative, participative and accessible. With this in mind, we have developed a programme of online activity and will also offer carefully managed opportunities for students and their families to visit the campus, in-person. The event will comprise the following elements:

  • New, bespoke webpages, created specifically for the event and optimised for mobile access. They will host existing material, such as 360 tours, videos, images, links to useful documents etc.
  • Recorded course and other talks. We will aim to collect pre-recorded versions of all the talks that would normally happen on an Open Day and will make them available through the website. We will then upload the talks to a private YouTube channel, will ensure that they are captioned properly and will link to them from the Open Day webpages. If you would normally deliver a talk at an Open Day, we would be very grateful if you could please supply us a version of your talk. If you have already recorded one for another purpose, but you believe that it is suitable for this Open Day, you can send us the existing content. If you need to record a talk, you are welcome to use whatever software you are familiar with. If you are unsure about how to record a talk, we are recommending the use of Camtasia.
  • Live Q&A sessions. These sessions will operate after the talks have been published and will give prospective students an opportunity to ask questions in real time. We are currently planning to build chat areas for each of the Schools (replicating the concept of a ‘subject fair’) as well as an area for advice on matters such as Accommodation and Student Services.  We will also arrange for digital student ambassadors to participate in these chats
  • In-person campus tours and accommodation viewings: A small team of staff from Communications and Participation will work with Facilities and Accommodation to facilitate in-person visits to the campus. We will operate careful, socially distanced, outdoor, self-guided campus tours as well as accommodation viewings. Our visitors will need to book their tour place in advance, and we will manage the number of people on campus through timed entries. Students with disabilities, who would particularly benefit from the opportunity to visit in person, will be given priority booking
  • Email and text message campaigns: We will share bespoke programmes with prospective students, sending them detailed emails with links to talks and activities related to their area of interest, along with text message reminders to join the event

We have contacted all prospective students who have registered for the June Open Day and updated them on the new arrangements. We have also opened the bookings for the campus tours and updated our website to reflect the new format.

How will the day work?

Our current intention is to activate the pre-recorded video content for the event at 8am on Sunday, 28 June (with email programmes and reminders sent ahead of this). At 10am, we will activate a series of live chat sessions for courses, followed by other areas (such as accommodation and finance). We anticipate running live chat areas for about an hour. We will also have general live chat support, managed by members of the Communications team, available throughout the day. All of the material (other than live chat) will continue to be available after the event so that prospective students can return to re-watch material as often as they wish.

The on-campus tours will begin from 12 and will run throughout the afternoon. We will offer a new, outdoor-only, self-guided tour, which covers the St John’s Campus (including accommodation). Our team of Student Ambassadors will be stationed along the route, ready to speak to students and their families. The tour will also give a walking route to the City Campus, the Hive and into the City Centre. Although we will not be able to tour inside buildings, we will ensure that key facilities such as bathrooms and the campus shop are available.

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch with


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