Tips for looking after your wellbeing

Looking after our wellbeing has never been so important. As we juggle our daily lives and changes in the global landscape, we must remember to take time for ourselves. To celebrate World Wellbeing Week, Psychology Lecturer, Laura Simmons has shared some tips for the coming months.

Take time to be creative

Whether it is up-cycling some furniture, starting a scrap-booking or painting, creativity is a useful outlet for our feelings and emotions. You don’t need to be good at art for this, you could use old magazines to create a collage with minimal skill.

Try to look for the positives

When something happens, our brains tend to think and interpret the situation negatively. Next time this happens, try and re-frame the event and consider the positive elements. For example, if you have an assignment due and feel unmotivated, think about what you will learn from doing the work. Think to yourself, what are the positives?

Savour the positive moments

As we transition out of lockdown, there are some things that you might have done before that were not possible over the past few months. As we re-introduce these into our lives, try to savour the positive moments.

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