Lockdown Brainteaser – Custard Pie Clowns

Here’s another brainteaser to test staff over the weekend from David Hunt, PGCE Computer Science Subject Leader in the School of Education, This computer coding style puzzle is based around clowns!

The solution is now at the bottom of the page.

Custard Pie Clowns

There are 10 clowns sitting around a circular table for their annual dinner and they are numbered in a regular manner. At the end of their meal they have a ritual which involves throwing custard pies.

The 1st clown starts by splatting the 2nd clown. The 3rd clown now has his turn and splats the 4th clown. This continues around the circular table until only one clown remains. When there are 10 in attendance, the winning clown is in position number 5.


Who is the last clown standing if there are 100 attending the dinner?

Killer Question

Who is the last clown standing if there are 100 attending the dinner and this time, they throw the pie over their immediate neighbour, hitting the next one in line?

Bonus point – which clown has to splat himself?



Answer 1

Last clown standing out of 100 is number 73

Answer to Killer Question

Winning clown is 91 and clown number 58 splatted himself!

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