Lockdown Brainteaser – The Cat Burglar

As we build up to the weekend we have another computer coding style challenge from David Hunt, PGCE Computer Science Subject Leader in the School of Education.  This one is titled The Cat Burglar!

Send us your answers and we’ll reveal the solution on Monday.

The Cat Burglar

A cat burglar was planning to scale the outside of a tall building to gain access to the wealthy penthouse apartment. Dressed in black, she managed to silently climb up the outside and gain entry through a half-opened window. When inside, she was presented with a range of valuable items, but she knew that she could not take them all. Her rucksack was small and she estimated that she did not want to carry more than a kilogram of items as this might unbalance her on her climb down.

Item Weight / grams Value / £
Bronze Statue 600 1800
Antique Silver Platter 800 2200
Spider Brooch 50 300
Necklace 50 160
First Edition Book 500 750
Steiff Bear 150 3000
Rolex Watch 150 3000
Gold iphone 140 2000
Royal Mint Coins 100 3500
Perfume 400 1800
Bundle of Banknotes 50 2000
Platinum Bangle 60 3000


If she is to maximise the value of her loot, which items should she take, keeping the total weight below 1000 grams?

What is the total value of her items and how much did they all weigh?



She bagged the following items:-

Antique Silver Platter

Spider Brooch


Steiff Bear

Rolex Watch

Bundle of banknotes

Platinum Bangle


for a total value of £18,380 and a total weight of 923g

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