Staff asked to highlight sustainability survey

To support our work in sustainability, all current students were sent an email last week inviting them to undertake a Sustainability Literacy Test.  They have until Sunday night to complete it.  Colleagues in Sustainability are asking staff meeting students this week to encourage them to take it.

This international initiative is a multiple-choice test of 50 questions and is designed to help students to self-assess what they know about the economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges facing the world. 

Here is the information sent out to students:

Sent on behalf of Katy Boom, Director of Sustainability, University of Worcester

Dear students

As Sustainability Institution of the Year in the UK, and Highly Commended in the recent International Green Gown awards the University is deeply committed to sustainable development, and carbon neutrality by 2030. The Students’ Union and University have signed up to report annually to the United Nations on our work to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

I am pleased to tell you that the University has decided to engage further by taking part in an international initiative: the Sustainability Literacy Test. This multiple-choice test of 50 questions is a tool to help students to self-assess what they know about the economic, social and environmental sustainability challenges facing the world.  It assesses what the United Nations believes is the minimum level of knowledge in economic, social and environmental responsibility for higher education students all over the world.  In terms of employability, it shows how aware you are of the world in which we live – and can help to direct future learning.  Some key points are:

  • This is a formative assessment, and by taking part you will be taking part in the biggest-ever online test taken by university students around the world. Over 160,000 students have already taken it! 
  • It is an online “open book” test, and we are giving you two weeks to answer.  For this open-book test, this means that you can use any resource you wish to help you to answer the question(s). 
  • You have from 09.00 on 9th September to Sunday 20th September to take the test.
  • You get immediate feedback online once you finish, and you can use the results for self-reflection and personal learning for the future.  We will use the results to develop the curriculum for sustainability. 
  • A single correct answer (from four multiple-choice options) is possible for each question.
  • 4 points for the expected answer; 1 point for “I’m not sure”; 0 points for an unexpected answer.
  • Please note that you cannot change an answer once validated.

The test is available for you for 12 days – Wednesday 9th September to Sunday 20th September

Your session code to take the test is:  EF6A-67F8-2143

Please see below for full details of how to take the test.

Best wishes

Communications & Participation
University of Worcester

  1. Creating a Sulitest Account

Before starting, you will have to create a student account, by “signing up” via the following link:

To create your account, you will need your session code number (see above) and your University email.  You will also have to choose a password. Your password is unique.  Please keep it carefully; it allows you to have access to your session and to your score. Note that your student account allows you to restart the test if you have left it (in the limits of the 12-day timeslot).

Getting a reasonable score shows you have the minimum knowledge that, according to the United Nations, we all need to help solve societal problems.   If you do not get many of the answers correct, remember this is a learning exercise and self-awareness can help you to improve your knowledge to participate more effectively in finding solutions.   

2. Beginning the Sustainability Literacy Test

To start the test, please login here with details when you created your account. Please use your University of Worcester email

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. After the validation of the last question of the test you will get your personal score (this score will be sent at the end of the session to your examiner).

Have a good Sustainability Literacy Test, and thanks for being a pioneer taking part in the world’s largest ever online test!!

Any problems logging in please contact Estela at SuLiTest or


Thank you for learning more about the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental), and for all you may do in the future to better understand the world in which we live, consider the consequences of the your decisions you make, reduce human suffering and keep our ecosystems healthy. 

The following is a list of sources that can enhance your basic knowledge of our shared sustainability challenges.  We encourage you to explore these sources and others.  

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