‘Presents by Post’ Fundraiser

The latest Communications and Participation fundraiser has been designed with travel restrictions and shop closures in mind. Our new ‘Presents by Post’ collection features tiny handmade treats that can slip inside a standard envelope, making them really easy to send through Royal Mail. Use them to jazz up a Christmas card or add a personal touch to something you’ve ordered online. We’ve also got a few non-holiday items too, so as we brace for another few weeks of lockdown, send a present now to brighten up someone’s day, or just get ahead on your Christmas shopping. We can post items on your behalf to someone, or send them direct to you.

The Collection includes:

  1. Fleur-de-lis bookmarks: Stylish bookmarks, in a range of jewel-like colours. Choose from blues/corals/greens/purples/golds. A lovely way to personalise a book from a large online retailer….
  2. Flat pack glitter baubles: Twinkly ornaments in your choice of golds/blues/greens/silvers. Perfect for adding to a Christmas card or attaching to a gift.
  3. Trio of Nordic Hearts: Three Scandi red, itsy bitsy hearts, with hanging loops. Very tiny and cute!
  4. Peter Pan collars: Delicate collars, crocheted in 100% cotton. Perfect for perking up a t-shirt or sweater. Available in grey/coral/denim/indigo.
  5. Handmade face masks: Hand sewn in pretty fabric, these cotton face masks are hand made with two layers of cotton and also include a pocket insert to take an extra filter paper if preferred.  Easy to wash and comfortable to wear, they even include a removeable nose strip to allow custom fitting – particularly helpful to prevent glasses steaming up.

All gifts are packed and sealed in a pretty glassine gift bag.

How do I order?

Email us at to place your order.

  • Let us know what you’d like to order (including colour preference, if applicable).
  • Please also indicate whether you would like your order delivered to your office, placed for collection outside the Communications office in Woodbury (our offices are open from 8:30 until 4:30, Monday to Friday), or posted to an off-campus address. We can post items direct to you, or can post them on your behalf to someone else. Let us know if you would like to include a note in your parcel.
  • If you require the postage option, we’ll of course need an address!
  • Make your donation

How much do they cost and how do I pay?

  • Suggested donation for all items: £5

We would be very grateful if you could make your donation on the University’s  Just Giving page for Cure Leukaemia, our University charity of the year.

Let us know once you have donated to the page and we’ll prepare your order.

All of the materials and time have been donated by Communications and Participation, so every penny of your donation goes directly to Cure Leukaemia.

I can crochet. Can I make these myself?

There are lots of different patterns used for ‘Presents by Post’, but here is one to get you started:

In The Yarn Garden: Decorative Hearts

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