Planned Events System 2022-2023

A Message from Timetabling:

We can confirm the online Planned Events system for 2022-2023 academic year requests opens today and can be found via the staff portal once you log in under ‘Your Online Services’ and is called ‘Planned Events’. Once in the system there is a User Guide with guidance on how to use the Planned Events system.

The Planned Events system is for activities that fall between Monday, August 22 2022 and Sunday, August 20 2023.

The Planned Events system will close on Friday, June 10 2022. Once the system closes, there will be a one off import from the online planned events system into the timetabling system; therefore any requests after this date will need to be entered via the room booking system once it opens in August.

Only activities that are classified as planned University events should be requested via the Planned Events system. Any other activities will need to be input via the room booking system. Please see below activities that are classified as planned University events. If you do have any queries, please contact

Please note – any activities that are entered that do not fall under the umbrella of Planned Events will not be timetabled and the relevant staff member will be contacted to confirm. Please be aware that this year the 10:15 start timeslot has been removed to aid better room utilisation use.

Applicant Days  Board of Governors & its Sub-CommitteesGraduate FairsProgress Week Activities
Artwork AssessmentsConferencesGuest/Professorial LecturesRegistration
AuditorsExaminations  Maintenance/Planned WorksTaster Days/Evenings
Award CeremoniesExam BoardsOpen Days  Visit Days

Planned Events will be confirmed in August. If we do have any difficulties timetabling your request(s) we will be in contact – please do note that requests for specific rooms cannot be guaranteed.