2021/22 Study Abroad success

Students share their experiences of studying abroad.

More than 40 students have taken advantage of opportunities to study abroad over the last academic year, with funding from the University.

In 2021/22 the University’s International Experience team provided grants to students thanks to both the Erasmus programme and the Turing scheme.

Through this, the University funded a total of 28 mobilities with students going abroad for either a semester or a full year.

In addition to that, for the first time the University funded short term mobilities during the summer of 2022 with a total  of 17 students participating.

The most popular destinations for students were Scandinavian countries, USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

The students said that their time abroad had helped them to finding an increased self-confidence and gain more soft and transferrable.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Olivia – Finland

When recalling her year abroad in Finland, Olivia, a Law student, said: “From befriending brilliant Finns and exchange students from across the world, to experiencing a country filled with natural beauty, uniquely represented through each season – it is refreshing to gather new perspectives from places and people that are different to what I knew before. I have been shaped in ways that would have not been possible by remaining in the comfortable norm of only studying only in the UK.”

Megan – Portugal

Megan, a Graphic Design student who spent a year abroad in Portugal, said: “This experience has changed me so much for the better. I’m more confident socially and in my skillset which I can apply to my course. I’ve made friends for life who I can’t wait to see again and feel more involved in a global community.”  

Harry – Japan

Mayu and Harry in Japan

Harry, a Biomedical science student, applied to spend a full academic year at Ibaraki University in Japan back in March 2021. However, the strict Japanese immigration and Covid rules meant that he had to start his year abroad remotely. He studied online throughout the first semester and could finally travel to Japan in April to attend the spring semester in person. S

He said: “There were many obstacles that I overcame before arriving in Japan (and even some after landing). Many of these obstacles were COVID related, such as completing lots of paperwork to be allowed to enter. However, there were some obstacles that I experienced before moving to Japan. Many of them were mental obstacles, such as being nervous and worrying about culture shock. After arriving in Japan, my mental obstacles quickly faded. I have not experienced culture shock. In fact, I have been excited to experience the new culture. I was worried about not making international friends and having a language barrier with Japanese people. However, I have made Japanese friends as well as other international friends and found that the language barrier was not so much a weakness but more of a chance of learning for the future. This experience so far has changed me a lot. I have found myself to be more confident in myself as I am challenged daily to use a language, I am not very good at, but I have not shyed away from trying it. I have also become more carefree, I used to worry about trying new things and getting out of my confidence zone, but I have come to realise that there is no need to worry about things. Everything turned out better than I expected, and I had an amazing time.”  

Harry was asked to become the buddy of Mayu, an exchange student from Ibaraki who spent her year abroad with us in Worcester. They helped each other’s with their exchange and became good friends. They also met up in Japan after Mayu travelled back to her home country at the end of her year abroad.

When recalling her time in Worcester, Mayu told Harry: “Staff at the University helped me a lot whenever I consulted with them. They were very supportive and the International Experience team organized many events, which made my study abroad life very fulfilling.”

Mayu was among the 65 exchange students who came to Worcester in 2021/22.

Get involved

In an increasingly competitive jobs market, employers will look for qualities which will set apart one applicant from the others. We are pretty sure that students who embarked on the Study Abroad programme will have all that it takes to be up for the challenge and stand out of the crowd and we are happy to see that our students are appreciative of being offered such opportunities from the University.

In 2022/23 the University is sending abroad a total of 37 students for either a semester or a full year and will welcome 45 international exchange students in September.

If you are interested in promoting the Study Abroad program to your students, feel free to get in touch with Cristina our International Mobility Coordinator:

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