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ILS News – October 1


Information & Learning Services News for Week Commencing 1st October 2012


Information & Learning Services (ILS) provide Library, ICT, E-Learning, Social Learning spaces and print services across all University sites.

For a quick catch-up on what we’ve been up to over the Summer, check out our ‘Welcome to ILS’ leaflet, you can pick one up from around the campuses or find it online:


This summer we opened Europe’s first joint University and Public Library.
Visit ‘The Hive’ webpage for more information about your new Library and History Centre:

You’ll find a welcome desk for University students in the foyer of The Hive with lots of Guides and information.  If you need any help or further information just approach a member of staff (black tops, gold lanyards) and they will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively you can contact University Library staff through any of the contact details listed at the bottom of this post.

Peirson Redevelopment and Open Access PC Arrangements

The Peirson Building is currently closed whilst it is undergoing redevelopment as a ‘Student Advice & Guidance Centre’.  This new facility will include over 250 PCs, print & copy facilities, social learning space and space for laptops, group presentation equipment, Apple Macs & ICT help and advice, as well as Registry and Student Services. Peirson will be reopening in October for PC, print & copy access as the first part of this redevelopment programme.

Whilst work is taking place in Peirson alternative open access PC arrangements are as follows…

STUDENTS & STAFF – Temporary ICT Desk in Woodbury and 24/7 ICT Support

ICT staff are now sharing the ‘Student Enquiry Desk’ in Woodbury, so just pop along anytime between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday.
ICT can also be contacted via: portal http://eris/studentpages/
phone 01905857500 (NEW 24/7 service)

STUDENTS – PC Rooms on St Johns Campus

On the St Johns Campus quick access PC and Mac rooms are available each day; details of which rooms are available are published daily:

STAFF – Reading Lists & Digitised Articles

Following work during the summer we are now promoting two new systems as follows which will be of importance to you and your students:

Reading List system: We are currently providing a new solution as we assess a number of options that have recently become available. Reading lists are now hosted via a link on the front of the library catalogue (or directly here).  We are working hard to upload the lists which have been provided to us. Apologies for any delays, these will continue to appear over the coming days and as we are sent new lists. Please note that this system doesn’t link live to the library catalogue, but will provide students with a view of their reading lists when they need them.

Digitisation system: For any module leaders who have sent in requests for digitised chapters, we have had to move these to a new system for technical reasons. For these, all digitised links we provide will now point to our new system and all have the same link ( The link will ask students to log in and will show them all articles for any modules they have signed up to. Again, we are moving these as a matter of urgency so that they are available to students when they are needed, but we have a huge amount of requests to go through. If you wish to build your Blackboard module and are waiting for a link to your article, please use the one above, and the digitised material will show as soon as we upload it.

Apologies for the timing here – we are working as hard as we can to make sure this doesn’t cause any disruption and will have all of this material available very shortly. Any questions, please do contact Paul Williams on

STAFF – E-Learning News 

Introducing Blackboard 9.1

Modules for the 2012/13 academic year are now available in the new Blackboard system, you can request access to these by completing the Blackboard Access webform on the logged in staff portal page.

All modules are automatically set up and available with a default template which can be amended to suit individual needs. No further new modules will utilise the old Blackboard system and this will be decommissioned by December 2012.

Students who have completed their online registration will start to be enrolled onto the modules they have selected from 15th August 2012.

Video Streaming with Uniview

Uniview is the new video server which replaces the old Release system. You can request a workshop from the LTTU team if you would like training on how to upload a video file, create chapters and playlists, and link or embed the video into Blackboard.


STUDENTS – 24/7 ICT Support

This summer we’ve launched a brand new service that means getting help for an ICT-related query couldn’t be any easier.

Simply call the normal ICT Helpdesk phone number: 01905 857500

This service runs out of hours, which is 5pm – 9am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

STAFF & STUDENTS – Research Collections Have Moved…

The Research Collections have now moved to Woodbury 23.

Anybody who would like access for use or simply a visit to see where we are please contact Rachel on 01905 542093 or Janet 01905 855535 or email

We would love to see you. For more information on the Research Collections see

STUDENTS Keep in touch with ILS

For more information, regular ILS updates, or if you an ILS related question or want to voice a concern we’re easy to contact. Use one of the links below to get information and help when you need it:

For any ICT enquiries, contact the ICT Helpdesk on:

For any library enquiries, contact staff at The Hive or ILS via email:

For all other ILS contact information see the ILS website.

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