Staff Notices

Share and Inspire Session: Enhancing Student Outcomes: A Targeted Focus on Assessment and Feedback

Assessment and feedback lie at the heart of students’ educational experiences in Higher Education. Eckel and King (2004) share how assessment affects student access, retention, completion and student satisfaction. Harland et al (2015) draw connections between assessment and feedback and aspects of attendance. Ultimately, there are fundamental connections between students’ experiences of assessment and feedback processes and their educational attainment outcomes (Carless, 2015; Boud & Molloy, 2013). However, as the NSS reveals, this is the ONE key area where student satisfaction tends to be most vulnerable.  In this Share and Inspire session, colleagues from the Institute of Education, Institute of Health and the Worcester Business School will share insights into assessment and feedback practices that clarify connections between learning, teaching, purposeful assessment and strengthening students’ capacities and outcomes. The session will help you to: generate positive strategies for group work assessments; learn from current innovations in assessment; and enhance feedback practices with the aim of strengthening learning outcomes.

Wednesday 23 May 2018
12:30pm – 14:00pm
St John’s Campus EE 2010

Please sign up for this session using the staff professional development webpages:


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