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Launch of the 2020 NSS and CES surveys

On Monday 3 February 2020, we will be launching the National Student Survey (NSS) and the internal Course Experience Survey (CES) to all undergraduate students at the University. The NSS is open to all final year students who have not previously been invited to complete it, and the CES to all first and second year students, plus any final year students who have previously completed the NSS.

Our 2019 survey results showed a very strong picture overall, with the NSS reporting 88.21% overall satisfaction (compared to 83.49% nationally), and the University being ranked 16/152 for overall satisfaction. For the CES, we achieved 89% overall satisfaction, with overall scores for each key topic showing an increase from 2018, with teaching, course challenge and learning resources in particular continuing to perform very strongly.

All staff are asked to promote the surveys to students to ensure that we achieve strong response rates. Weekly completion rates for the survey will be made available via PowerBI from the week beginning 10 February (further information on how to access this will be sent out to course leaders etc. in due course). Our response rates and overall satisfaction for the 2019 surveys remained high for the NSS (79%) and the CES (56%),  and we are aiming to build and improve on these results for 2020.

Completion of these surveys confers many benefits to the University, including the use of NSS data in Key Information Set published on course pages on UCAS and on our own webpages for each course for prospective students, and to inform our ongoing work on further enhancing the student experience. Key NSS questions also make up 3 of the core TEF metrics.  Information and supporting PowerPoint presentations and videos on this year’s surveys can be found on OneDrive.

The NSS is accessed via a personalised email link and at and the CES via a personalised email link and on MyDay.

All students who complete either the CES or NSS survey online will have the option to enter a prize draw to win 1 of 5 £250 Love2shop gift cards.

The CES is open until 31 March and the NSS until 30 April, with results for the CES being made available during April, and the NSS during July/August.


We are confident all Schools have worked with course teams to ensure there are careful plans in place to maximise response rates – effective good practice is now well-established.  All courses should now have embedded completing the NSS/CES in a core taught module, or have a scheduled taught session linked to the IS module, in which completion of the NSS can be facilitated and supported.  If any School/Department/Team has queries or needs additional support, please get in touch.

If you have a query about the surveys please contact Carolyn Nisbet or

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