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firstpoint Reference Poster

firstpoint has created a useful reference poster for staff, highlighting the key issues you might direct a student to firstpoint for. It was created with the idea of supporting Personal Academic Tutors and Academic Support Units, interacting with students for pastoral needs that may fall out of their academic specialisms.

The poster provides a quick reference guide to see the support available to students via firstpoint, broken down into themes of Student Support, Course Issues, Documentation, Accommodation and Money/Finance. The poster also includes ‘Quick Tips’, highlighting some key areas that a member of staff will be able to discuss or signpost a student to, without the need for a visit to firstpoint.

We understand that some enquiries can be less straight forward than others, so the website, firstpoint blog, social media and contact information have all been included, to ensure you and your colleagues can assist your students to access the service in the best way possible.

You’ll be able to collect a copy of the poster from your ASU or from firstpoint in either an A3 or A4 format.

firstpoint reference poster

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