SOS-UK Global Goals Teach In

Hot on the heels of the University’s ‘Go Green Week’ comes the SOS-UK Global Goals Teach In which is running for two weeks from 22nd February – 5th March.  The Global Goals Teach In began three years ago as an annual student-led campaign to engage teaching staff in embedding the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their teaching, learning, and assessment.  The Global Goals Teach In gives teaching staff the chance to start the conversation, help raise awareness of why the Global Goals should be at the heart of higher education, and stimulate the change needed to make this happen.

There is an online pledge where teaching staff can share what they’re planning to do during the week and plenty of resources to offer guidance and inspiration.

Last year at Worcester 8 academics pledged to participate reaching 503 (around 5%) of our students, and we are hoping to widen the reach of the campaign even further this year with more staff participating and engaging more of our students. 

We know that there is much good work going on across the university to engage students in thinking about sustainability and social responsibility so please do support the Teach In to help recognise this more widely. 

During the two weeks, please do look to share the activities you engage your students with as part of the Teach In, such as by sharing posts of activities taking place via social media. 

We would love to pull together and share all the good practice going on across the university to embed the SDGs in teaching, so please do send examples of your activities to Heather Barrett, UW Academic Lead for Sustainability ( who will look to collate these.

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