Staff Views in Lockdown

Whether it was paying more attention to wildlife or enjoying spectacular landscapes, one of the best aspects of the lockdown for many was finding a greater appreciation for and inspiration from the sights on our doorstep.  Here are some of the views our staff have been enjoying during lockdown.

Debbie Shotton, in the School of Psychology, took these stunning shots of the river and Cathedral in Worcester:


Mike Watts, in the Association for Dementia Studies, took these while on his daily walk through the Droitwich Spa Lido Park.

Kevin Brooke, in the Communications team, took the following images of nature during lockdown:

The stonechat on the foxglove is from the Malverns and just after the restrictions were lifted.


Cows were taken in a field in Northwick, alongside the River Seven during a lockdown walk


The forget me nots were taken in his garden and from underneath the apple tree

Forget me not

Teresa Nahajski, in the Academic Quality Unit, took this photo of her car parked up in Shelsley Beauchamp, Worcestershire, while visiting a friend after lockdown started to ease – slightly different to her work spot on Riverside car park!

Parking space

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